Halifax Declines the Paid System.

Halifax Declines the Paid System.

At a meeting of the firewardens of Halifax, on Monday, the following was adoptod : The board, having had under consideration the resolution of council bearing on the management and probable cost of a paid fire department for the city, beg to report that after due inquiry they have ascertained the lowest cost at which paid departments are maintained in other cities equal in size and population to Halifax as follows:

In all of these places your board finds that the damage and loss by fire is invariably greater than in Halifax. Consequently your board are of opinion, taking the records offices in other cities as a criterion, that the fire department of Halifax is second to none in regard to ability, and they do not see the necessity of making any changes in the department more than to place sufficient and proper appliances at their disposal, and more authority in the heads of the department. They therefore would recommend as follows ;

That the captain of the Union Engine Company be appointed a firewarden.

That the council place a sufficient sum in the estimates, or borrow enough, to put a horse and driver in each engine house, with a suitable hose reel or carriage to draw the apparatus ; also to pay for the following :

Also one hose hoist, three levers fot; doors, three sets nippers and gloves for cutting electric wires, three ladder footers, two street nets, gun and life line, harness, etc. All of the above to cost about $12,000.

That the telephone fire alarm system be adopted ; cost about $500 Or less.

Also eleven drivers at $400 each, the salaries to be included in the estimates.

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