Hampton Beach Department Modernized

Hampton Beach Department Modernized

The fire department of Hampton Beach, N. H., has been modernized and placed on an efficient basis under the direction of Chief H. B. Whiting. In 1921 the fire fighting equipment consisted of a Kissel combination chemical and hose wagon and six fire alarm boxes. There was a permanent chief and a force of volunteers.

After a large part of the business section was destroyed by fire a 750-gallon Ahrens-Fox triple combination pumper was purchased and placed in service in 1922. In 1923 a two story fire station with three doors was built to replace a previous structure that had been burned. Two permanent firemen were appointed in this year.

Trailer Pump, in Use by the Hampton Beach, N. H., Fire Department, for Brush and Woods Fires and for Pumping Out Cellars.

In March, 1924, H. B. Whiting was appointed as Chief. He is a veteran of the World War and after his discharge from government service he joined the fire department in the Canal Zone. Upon returning to the states he resumed his position with the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, with which he had been connected when the war broke out. His next connection was as a member of the fire department in Haverill, Mass., where his father is a deputy chief. He was granted a six months leave of absence to take charge of the Hampton Beach force and at the expiration of this period he resigned from the Haverill department to continue his work as chief in Hampton Beach.

The Hampton Beach department now consists of five permanent and thirty call men, seven pieces of motor apparatus and 88 fire alarm boxes. The apparatus is as follows: Ahrens-Fox triple combination pumper, Kissel high pressure wagon rebuilt in 1927, Reo combination hose and chemical purchased in 1925, White city service hook and ladder truck bought in 1925, Chief’s car purchased in 1926, Packard 400 gallon triple combination purchased in 1927, and a trailer pump built in 1927.

Central Fire Station, Personnel and Apparatus, Hampton Beach, N. H., Department

The fire alarm system manufactured by the Gamewell Company is of the manual type with 83 street boxes and five private boxes in hotels. The alarms are received in a watch station on fast time and re-transmitted on slow time. At the present time the Central Station is the only firehouse and the apparatus covers both the town and beach.

The trailer pump, assembled by the permanent men, can throw 110 gallons of water per minute, and is used largely for brush and woods fires. It is also used for pumping out flooded cellars. It can be towed by an automobile or pulled by five men.

This year Chief Whiting has enlisted fifteen boy scouts as an auxiliary unit to be called upon for aid in fighting forest fires. There are hundreds of frame cottages and several large hotels at the beach resort.


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