Hand Extinguisher Explodes.

Hand Extinguisher Explodes.

A hand fire extinguisher, while being used by James P. Kelley, hoseman, of Albany, N. Y., steamer No. 2, to extinguish a chimney fire, exploded, injuring him so badly that he was last reported in a dying condition. His skull was fractured.

Chief Higgins, of Albany, says that this is the first time he has ever known of an extinguisher exploding in that city. He made an examination of the remains of the extinguisher, hut could not learn the cause of the explosion unless there was some defect in it which he was unable to discover.

The explosion happened on the top of the house just as Hoseman Kelley was about to use the apparatus. As he turned the handle at the top the bottom blew out and the instrument shot from his hands, striking him on the head as it went. The rapidity of its flight is shown by the fact that it was found in a yard several doors away.

The extinguisher was of the bi-carbonate of soda and acid type, and it is suggested that possibly the hose was stopped in some way, not allowing for the release of pressure when the gas began to generate.

Kelley was about fifty years of age. and had been in the Albany department for twenty-five years.

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