Combination Building Constructed on Dignified and Substantial Lines—Fire Dept. Section Separated by Fire Wall from Police Headquarters

THE new fire station recently opened at Sioux City, Ia., and illustrated herewith, is situated in a building designed as a combination headquarters for the fire and police departments of the city. According to a description furnished by Fire Chief George M. Kellogg, while both departments are housed in the same structure, they are entirely separated by a solid party wall, with no openings in it.

The building, which is three stories in height, is of brick, with stone trimmings, and the fire department section is shown in the foreground in the illustration herewith. As will be seen by the plans accompanying. the ground floor fire department section includes the apparatus room and repair shop. There is also a commodious wash rack on the Lynch Street side, alongside of the repair shop, and on the other a storage closet, supply room and battery room. Further toward the front, beside the apparatus room is the hose rack and watchman’s room, with a toilet and closet between.

On the second floor is situated the firemen’s dormitory, beside which, in the front of the building are the offices of the chief, assistant chief and secretary. Back of these, separated by a hall, are the firemen’s assembly room and the firemen’s lunch room, both opening on a large court. Back of dormitory are the toilets and locker rooms of the firemen, and in the rear, across the entire fire department section of the building is an airy and well appointed gymnasium.

Chief Kellogg ranks among the veterans in fire-fighting. He has served 35 years as chief of the Sioux City department and 42 as a member, joining the department on May 14, 1882, as a volunteer. In 1887 the department was made a paid one, and two years later Chief Kellogg was appointed at its head. He is a past president of the International Association of Fire Engineers, having been elected to that office at the Dallas, Tex., 1906 convention, and presiding at that held at Washington, D. C., in October, 1907.

Chief Geo. M. Kellogg, Sioux City, Ia.Handsome New Fire and Police Headquarters for Sioux City, Ia.

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