Harold T. Murray Promoted

Harold T. Murray Promoted

We have learned with pleasure of the recent promotion of Harold T. Murray, advertising manager of the Foamite-Childs Corporation, Utica, N. Y., to be assistant general sales manager.

Mr. Murray will also continue his work in charge of advertising as manager of advertising and sales promotion.

New Buffalo 500-gal. triple combination car, mounted on a Larrabce special fire department chassis, which was purchased by the village of Belmont, N. Y. The equipment consists of a 500-gal. pump, two 35-gal chemical tanks, 1000 ft. hose body and standard minor equipment. It has passed the Underwriters' test successfully.

Seymour, Wis., Purchases Fire ApparatusSeymour, Wis., has purchased a chemical car equipped with three large chemical tanks, foam equipment, and ladders.

Uses Globe to Show Its Equipment Field- The Dorr Company, engineers, of New York City, recently exhibited at the Chemical Equipment Exposition in Providence a large globe, four feet in diameter and standing on its mounting five feet six inches high, on which was shown a geographical record of its equipment installations in all parts of the world. ‘I his was done by means of vari-colored map pins. More than 2,000 pins were distributed on this globe throughout 40 different countries. The globe can be revolved by a small motor.

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