Hartford and Moving Picture Shows.

Hartford and Moving Picture Shows.

The Hartford, Conn., board of fire underwriters, being desirous to rid themselves of the dangers attaching to incompetent operators of moving-picture shows and to lessen the danger to life and property from the improper use of the machinery employed in such exhibitions, desired its electrical inspector to draw up and present to the city’s court of common council, of which he was a member, the following ordinance:

“Be it ordained by the Court of Common Council.

“Section 1. That section 378 of the revised ordinances of the city of Hartford be and the same is hereby amended by the addition of the following at the end of the section:

“No moving-picture machine shall be operated in the city of Hartford, unless such machine is inclosed in a metal booth that has theretofore received the approval of the building inspector. No operator shall operate such machine until said operator has received a written permit from such building inspector.” There are at present 6 such shows in the city, whose machines conform to the above ordinance and are inspected every week. Fifteen persons applied to be licensed as givers of such shows. Of these only six were found sufficiently acquainted with the knowledge of national electrical code requirements for moving-picture machines and of the construction and care of moving-picture machines and picture-films, and showing the ability to do the proper thing, at the right time, during an accident or an emergency. It has been conceded by the several theatres that this system of examination has resulted in giving to them operators of a higher intelligence than those employed prior to the adoption of this ordinance.

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