Hartford to Standardize Fire Couplings

Hartford to Standardize Fire Couplings

The fire hydrants and fire hose couplings of Hartford. Conn, are to be standardized, according to a statement by President Chas. J. Dillon, of the board of fire commissioners. The work is to be carried through at once and full co-operation will be afforded by the water department. Chief Engineer Caleb M. Saville, of that department has expressed a desire to do all in his power to assist the work.

The work of standardizing the couplings and connections in Hartford it is estimated will consume several months and something like 10,000 units will have to be treated. This includes the expanding of every hydrant nipple, the tapping out of every hydrant cap, the standardizing of all couplings of whatever size and the altering of connections throughout the city.

In the meantime, in anticipation of the commissioner’s action. Fire Chief John C. Moran has gradually been making preparations for standardization, has followed the subject closely and will be able to furnish the commissioners with all necessary information as to the locations, situations, and the conditions to be met with.

Hartford’s action as a matter of course will result in similar action in the three other communities bordering the city and using the same connections. West Hartford, Wethersfield and Windsor.


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