Hazard of the Use of Flexible Metal Hose

Hazard of the Use of Flexible Metal Hose

Fire Chief R. O. Mesnar, of Canton, Ohio, recently pointed out the dangers incident to the employment of flexible metal hose to convey gas to stoves and heaters. He says:

“A bad fire hazard in our city is the use of flexible metal hose for conducting gas to stoves and hot plates. There is a state law and city ordinance forbidding the use for rubber hose for this purpose but these so-called flexible metal hose are much more dangerous when used for conducting gas to stoves, etc. They contain a very thin strip of rubber between the spiral metal wrapper which rots quicker than a rubber hose and which makes them more dangerous to life and property. One of these flexible hose was responsible for a serious fire and the death of a negro in a boarding house several years ago in our city.

“An ordinance passed by our city council making it unlawful to use these flexible hose would therefore be an additional step in fire prevention. Also in my last city-wide inspection several miles of rubber hose connections were confiscated by this department with a warning not to use it again as the law calls for nothing but iron pipe connections to gas stoves or hot plates.

“The leakage of gas through these metal flexible connections is also dangerous to health besides being a fire hazard.”

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