Headquarters National Association of Fire Engineers.

Headquarters National Association of Fire Engineers.

WYOMING, O., June, 1894.

To the Authorities of the several Cities and Towns throughout

the United States and Canada:

Your attention is respectfully called to the importance of considering the advisability of sending the chief or a representative of its fire department to the Twenty-Second Annual Convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers, which will assemble at Montreal, Canada, August 14th, 1894.

Whether the chief receives a salary or not, the necessary expenses for attending should be borne by the cities and towns, because they derive the benefit from the same. The chief, in making the trip, is endeavoring to qualify himself by observation, the better to serve the department. Me does not go for his own personal pleasure. His purpose is to post himself on the latest improvements in tire apparatus; the most approved methods of extinguishing fires, and, in general, to avail himself of the wisdom and experience of others. The cities and towns can well afford to pay such expenses in securing this information.

The exhibits at this convention will be the most extensive ever witnessed at any previous meeting. Extra efforts are being put forth to have all the latest improvements in fire extinguishing and life saving appliances on exhibition and test.

These exhibits will enlarge the ideas and broaden the views of all present. The impression made will bear fruit in improving the departments throughout the country. Many of our members have been connected with the Association since its organisation in 1.873. and do not hesitate to acknowledge that the information gained from their intercourse with other chiefs, have beeu of incalculable value to them.

We trust you will instruct your chief to attend the convention and request, on his return, a report of the proceedings.

Enclosed herewith copy of program of work laid out for the meeting.

A cordial invitation is extended to the Mayor, Eire Commissioners and E ire Committees of all cities aud towns to attend our meeting.

Reduced rates have been secured on railroads.

JAMES FOLEY. Milwaukee, Wis.,

HENRY A. HILLS, Wyoming, O., President.


At a meeting of the Selectmen of Ipswich. Mass., the Selectmen and engineers of the fire department awarded the con tract for a steam fire engine of the third size to the f.a France fire engine company of Elmira, N. V., the steamer to be delivered within ninety days from the date, June 27.

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