Health, Hazards Seminar

Health, Hazards Seminar

The Fourth Symposium on the Occupational Health and Hazards of the Fire Service will be held April 17-19 at the ShorehamAmericana Hotel in Washington, D. C.

Sponsored by the John P. Redmond Memorial Fund of the International Association of Fire Fighters and co-sponsored by the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, the symposium will bring together medical and research experts in the various disciplines concerned with the occupational health and hazards of the fire service. Emphasis will be on participation in workshops on physical performance qualifications, risk factor evaluation, maintenance of physical fitness, research and protective equipment, and EMS and rescue procedures.

Five panel presentations will cover the subjects of fire administration, cardiac disease in the fire service, pulmonary disease and pulmonary hazards to fire fighters, injury and mortality studies and how to develop and sell a safety program.

Dr. Ross Atwood, director, Education Department of the IAFF, is chairman.

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