“Held in high regard,” He says

“Held in high regard,” He says

THE Chairman of the Fire Prevention Committee at Peoria, I11., after his wide experience, ought to know what’s what— and he does! That’s why we are particularly pleased when Lionel Boniface of the Mace Advertising Agency, Peoria, writes us:

  • I have for some time past been desirous of expressing to you my very sincere approval of your publication, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.
  • My attention has been commanded by the high calibre of “Fire and Water” during the several years that I have served in the capacity of Chairman of the local Fire Prevention Committee. It has also been a byword for authority in fire fighting circles in which I have been interested as an active “fire fan” for a matter of a dozen years or more.

  • In Fire Prevention work I have found no other periodical to contain the wealth of varied material applying to this field, nor any other wherein the ground was covered with more pleasing brevity, yet compact thoroughness. “Fire and Water” is a constant source of constructive inspiration and real practical help. I may also add that it is held in high regard in the offices of local fire officials.”
  • Dominates Its Dual Field, Writes Advertising Agent

  • “You may rest assured that when the occasion permits your publication will head the list, for, after thorough examination, it becomes clear that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING clearly dominates its dual field.
  • With sincere good regards, permit me to remain Yours very truly, LIONEL BONIFACE.

  • Need we add anything more, except to say that we hope all our readers feel this way about it?

Thank You.

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