Hello, London!

Hello, London!

MIGHTY glad to hear from you, London, and especially to learn that you like the new FIRE ENGINEERING so much.

Our attention has been called to the following paragraph in the March 1st issue of the well-known English publication, “The Fireman” of London:

“Our esteemed contemporary, Fire and Water Engineering, of New York, has been undergoing the process of bi-section, and now appears as two separate publications, FIRE ENGINEERING and WATER WORKS ENGINEERING. The first number of FIRE ENGINEERING, published on January 10th, is in itself something of an achievement, and represents technical journalism at its best.”

In thanking you and the many other readers who have been so kind as to express approval of our efforts, may we assure you that we shall strive to make this magazine more and more valuable to you as time goes on. To this end, your constant co-operation will be invaluable.

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