Help craft language for Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know regulations

Campus Firewatch is launching a new project to help develop suggested language for the Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know (RTK) regulations. The RTK was included in the Higher Education Act which just passed Congress last week and is to be signed into law by the President.

The regulations are a key component to implementation of the law and will include specific details on how it will operate. This is your opportunity for input into suggested language that Campus Firewatch will provide to the Department of Education to use when they are crafting the regulations. This is your chance, as the end user, to help craft the very regulations that you will have to work with.

A small group of campus fire professionals has been working on developing a preliminary draft of the regulations and discussion points to help “jump start” this process and their suggestions are posted online in the Wiki (

Visit for a number of resources to assist you in this collaborative effort, including:

  • The Right-to-Know language

  • A Wiki where you can edit and enter your suggestions to the recommendations that are already posted

  • A Discussion Group where you can discuss the issues online with your peers

  • The full text of the Higher Education Act


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