Next-Generation Fire Service Leadership

In his “Captain’s Corner” class at FDIC 2010, Battalion Chief (Ret.) Michael Hennigan of the San Francisco (CA) Fire Department offered ideas on how to motivate and inspire a fire company. Hennigan encouraged firefighters to take the leadership challenge and provide some simple tools to improve leadership skills on their first shift home.

“In the last five to 10 years, our departments have seen the entire senior echelon of leaders retire, leaving our young officers to face leadership challenges far greater than their predecessors and without the guidance of senior mentors,” Hennigan said.

“Keeping our personnel safe is our highest priority, but many careers have been compromised not at the scene of an emergency but within the confines of the station walls,” Hennigan continued. Hennigan discussed ways officers can create standards and practices to keep everyone safe.

Hennigan’s “Captain’s Corner” column appears regular on and deals with leadership challenges that new officers must contend with.

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