Here’s How!

Here’s How!

DO we deserve them? Well, anyway, here’s how the bouquets come in. The same mail recently brought these fragrant and most welcome missives from a couple of our friends, scattered all the way from Montana, where Art Baker, the well-known chief of the Lewistown, Mont., department, gives us a kindly pat on the back, to Bloomfield, New Jersey, where our friend and neighbor, T. H. J., over at the Fabric Fire Hose Company, sings his little song of praise.

LET the gentlemen speak for themselves. First, Art Baker has the floor:


This department cannot operate efficiently if the source of information which makes it a practical unit should be cut off, namely FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

I am enclosing a check for the renewal of our subscription, and in case we should become delinquent at any time kindly draw on us for the necessary amount.

You are furnishing the practical information, and we appreciate their effort. Yours very truly,

Lewistown Fire Department,


P. SWe would be more than pleased to have you send us a copy of the Fire College Course.

IT is yours for the asking, Chief. Why, we had to tell Friend Johnson to keep his money. Here is what he wrote:


Sure, I would like “one of them there books,” but I would feel a darn sight better about it if you would let me pay for it; and my subscription is already paid, at that. And here’s a pat on the back: You are doing a fine work. I believe your publication is the first one that I ever took that I feel is worth the cost.

I thank you and beg to remain with fraternal greetings Yours truly,


“WORTH the cost.” Is FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING worth the cost to you? If so, why not tell us how; and if it isn’t, tell us why not. It is your paper, and we want to know how nearly we are giving you what you want.

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