Hey, Waiter, Where’s My Order?

Hey, Waiter, Where’s My Order?

WELL what did you ask for, and are you in the right restaurant? Ham and, at the Grahbem Quick Lunch, doesn’t take as long as Planked Terrapin at the Ritz. Or cost as much!

A few days ago New York Prohibition officers closed up and padlocked a dozen of Broadway’s leading cabarets—centers of the city’s night life where legalized banditry (and some that wasn’t so legal!) ran rampant. We haven’t shed a single tear, because we have found that when we are hungry there are plenty of places where food can be procured at a price to fit our purse; and we can satisfy our tbirst without resorting to any violation of the law.

The other day, not far from our office, the “Ideal Spaghetti Shop” opened its doors for the serving of “spaghetti any style, 35c.” Or, if you want a light dairy lunch for 30c and a 5c tip we can tell you where to go; if you want a 10c snack at the Automat, without tip, a $1.50 Italian Table d’Hote or a $9.00 soup to nuts with a dollar tip and two bits for the beautiful hat girl, these, too, we can direct you to —if you need assistance.

Here’s Where We Come In

Now, if you will just stop to consider, you will realize that the various magazines offer the same wide range of choice. You can order what you will—a big course dinner of reading that you are not interested in and cannot digest; or, if you are hungry for news and practical information relating to your own particular profession, you can order FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and read to your heart’s content.

Think it over!


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