Hickey Advanced to Executive Work

Hickey Advanced to Executive Work

Herbert J. Hickey, secretary to the fire commission of Boston, Mass., has been promoted to the newly created post of executive secretary of the Boston Fire Department with a salary of $3,300 a year.

Mr. Hickey received the degree of Bachelor of Laws from the Suffolk Law School of Boston. He was appointed to the fire department in 1911 and has served as chief petty officer in the United States Navy during the World War. Mr. Hickey has been secretary to Fire Commissioners Charles D. Daly, Charles H. Cole, John Grady, John R. Murphy, Theodore A. Glynn, Eugene C. Hultman to Acting Commissioners, Joseph P. Manning, William J. Casey and Thomas F. Sullivan.

In a general order issued by the chief on July 18, 1919, he was commended for his quick thinking and good judgment in notifying the fire alarm office when he noticed a 1,000-gallon tank wagon collide and spill gasoline on the street. As a result of the quick work in notifying the fire alarm office, the fire apparatus arrived on the scene before a blaze occurred, and a serious fire was averted.

Changes are being made in executive and clerical offices as part of Commissioner Hultman’s plan for increasing the efficiency of the department.

Herbert J. Hickey

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