A new distributing reservoir is being built on the Lynde brook water system—the beginning of a comprehensive plan for remodeling that system and improving the high service of Worcester, Mass. The city council has appropriated over $225,000 for the prosecution of the work, which amount does not provide for the entire construction contemplated, as the pipe lines will be carried only part of the proposed distance this year. The new reservoir will cost $63,571, and will be built on Parson’s brook, less than half a mile north of the distributing basin at Hunt’s reservoir. The area to be utilized will be eight acres. The basin will be two acres in extent and its capacity 10,000,000 gallons—much greater than Hunt’s reservoir, than which, also, this reservoir will be sixty feet higher, being of the same elevation as the proposed distributing basin of the Holden supply, so that, when both rereservoirs are built, the two supplies can be turned into the low service pipes together. Until the Holden reservoir is built, however, it will be necessary to put on the pipes from the reservoir at Parson’s brook pressure regulators, so that the pressure mEy be reduced to equal that from the present distributing basin of the Holden supply.

The conformation of the site, which lies between two ridges, is peculiarly fitted for reservoir purposes. The soil is workable and there will be plenty of it for building the earthen dam, which will have a masonry core. The depth of the basin will be thirteen feet—enough.it is estimated, to destroy the growth of organisms—and the dam itself will be three feet and onehalf above high water mark.

The distance from the new basin to the Lynde brook reservoir is 4,500 feet. The water will be conducted from Lynde brook to within a short distance of the new basin through a thirty-inch pipe and will then flow over a series of steps, open to the air, so that the water will be aerated. It is planned to extend the new road from Apricot street round the distributing basin and then above the pipe line to Lynde brook. That wil* make in all about 6,000 feet of road from Apricot across country to Lynde brook. To conduct the water from Lynde brook to the new basin it will be necessary to build a new tower in the east wall of the dam. The cost of that work will be $18,409.87.

The general plan contemplates the use for low service of both pipes now running from Lynde brook. Under the present arrangement one of the pipes from Lynde brook is used for high service running directly into the city. The other,which is for low service, runs into Hunt’s reservoir. When both these pipes are used for high service, the low service of the city will come direct from Parson’s brook, through a new pipe line.

The construction this year is to carry the proposed high service lines from New Worcester through Park avenue to Chandler street, and then through the west side of the city to Lincoln square. It is proposed later to extend the lines from Chandler street north through Park avenue and Grove street to Chadwick square, and on to Greendale. The system will not be complete until the new line is joined at Adams square with the high service pipes that run over the east section of the city.

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