Hitech Announces New Property Control System Next Week

Hitech Systems will officially announce its SafetyNet Property Control System (PCS) for the law enforcement and emergency-response industry next week.

For 30 years, Hitech has been one of the best-kept secrets in the public safety industry, building and deploying SafetyNet technology that helps hundreds of public safety organizations — including law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies — integrate their operations and provide the highest levels of service to communities throughout the U.S., Mexico, and around the world.

The new SafetyNet PCS is a Web-based application that lets law enforcement and fire protection manage their equipment and supplies in real time with unprecedented accuracy and security, while achieving compliance with regulatory requirements. The product integrates with Hitech’s other SafetyNet modules, and it can be used on any computer or tablet with any browser, which means that users don’t have to install any new software.


From 911 call centers to records management, every aspect of public safety is managed by software systems that not only need to work 100% of the time but also must integrate seamlessly with one another. Hitech Systems’ SafetyNet suite of platform-independent products makes this possible for local, state, and federal agencies. The company delivers unparalleled customer service and customization options that give users the confidence to install, implement, tailor, and deploy SafetyNet year after year.


Mr. Unger has been designing and developing computer applications for more than 35 years and is a recognized expert in real-time system interfaces and communication protocols for public safety applications. He developed the very first operational CAD system interface to Motorola’s SmartZone radio system, is responsible for the original design and development of SafetyNet CAD, serves on several APCO and NENA technical committees, and continues to lead the technical
direction of the company.

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