Hoboken Praised for Fire Prevention Work

Hoboken Praised for Fire Prevention Work

In speaking of the recent award of a fire prevention tablet to his city by the Fire Waste Council in connection with the recent contest of the Chambers of Commerce, Chief John J. Gilday said:

“I cannot refrain from quoting a letter from the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce which was received by myself and the fire department of Hoboken at the time of the award which was made to this city. The letter, which is as follows, speaks for itself:

‘The Chamber of Commerce desires to commend and congratulate yourself as Commissioner of Public Safety, Chief Gilday as chief of the fire department, and the entire fire department. This wonderful record is largely due to the manner in which the fire department has put in effect an ordinance drawn up and recommended by the Chamber of Commerce, both on fire prevention and on fire code and the general efficiency of the fire department.

‘Hoboken is being complimented and congratulated by practically every city in the United States and the chamber is justly proud of Hoboken’s Fire Department. The grand prize will be awarded to Chamber of Commerce officials at the annual meeting of the United States Chamber of Commerce at Cleveland during May. When the prize is received at the chamber, our Fire Prevention Committee is planning a public occasion and at that time the chamber desires yourself and Chief Gilday to be present in order to personally receive the thanks by the chamber for the splendid cooperation afforded to our Fire Prevention Committee.

‘The Chamber of Commerce will undoubtedly file a request to the National Fire Board for a reduction in the fire insurance rates in the City of Hoboken, for it is felt that such a splendid and enviable reputation as Hoboken now has ought to result in a lower fire insurance rate which will directly or indirectly accrue to the savings of practically every citizen and property owner in Hoboken.’

“Councilor Eichler in his communication to Commissioner McFeely, says:

‘The victory achieved in this contest by our local fire department brings forth in a very clear and emphatic manner the peak of efficiency it has attained. When so many of our citizens are prone to make vociferous complaint of the inefficiency of municipal government, our municipal officers are just as much entitled to vociferous praise when conscientious and resultful work is accomplished.’ ”

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