Specially Constructed Hose Boxes which Can Be Quickly Lifted Into Hose Cars — Can Also Be Used in Narrow Alleys or Hazardous Positions

CHIEF HURLEY here describes a serviceable device which may give some practical suggestions to other heads of fire departments along similar lines:

Long and costly delay and the use of many firemen in loading extra hose for big fires is done away with in Holyoke by using specially constructed hose boxes of large capacity that can be quickly lifted into the open body of the Holyoke style of hose wagon. When the chief wants more hose he simply orders one or more empty wagons back to headquarters where one man can lift, by means of the 1%-ton chain fall attached to a trolley on an 8-inch 1 beam, 1,500 feet of hose and load it into the wagon by simply backing under the box and letting the box down gently into the wagon. Such a box can be used by any department having open-body type of wagon, or the box can be loaded into any style of commercial auto truck.

Holyoke Hose Box, Showing Hose Packed and Turret Nozzle

One of the Holyoke boxes carries a turret nozzle that can be used at fires while the box is in the wagon or it can be lifted to the ground after the hose is laid and the box with the nozzle can easily be rolled or carried into narrow alleys or hazardous positions inaccessible to the ordinary turret nozzle permanently fastened to a hose wagon.

The Holyoke box is 8 feet 4 inches long inside, 2 feet 10 inch wide, 3 feet high, made of 1-inch stock, re-enforced inside and out by 7/16 x 1 1/2 band iron. The four lifting straps are 1/2 x 1 3/4. The front end is closed. The back end is open. Hose is carried in three layers on removable shelves that are supported on 1-inch angle irons. There are handles on the side of the box and 1 1/2-inch rollers on the bottom.

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Holyoke Hose Box, Showing Method of Lifting

Holyoke’s Method of Loading Extra Hose

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The turret nozzle is mounted at the rear on a shelf 1 ft. x 3 ft. x 8 inch. After the box in the illustrations was made it was found best to cut out the sides near the rear so that the hose when attached to the side outlets will come up in a smooth curve without cramp or kinks. An extra nozzle or two are also carried on top of the hose.

Holyoke has one box without the shelf and a turret nozzle, this rests on the floor close to the wall at headquarters. The turret box is placed on top. When the department answers general fire alarm and many of the wagons are empty the chief, by simply sending for the boxes, is able to get a large quantity of reserve hose in the shortest possible time without the necessity of sending a lot of valuable men away from the fire.

On several occasions during the last few years these boxes have proven a great source of reserve for the Holyoke fire department.

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