Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Awarded Federal Grant

The nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has been awarded a 2011 federal Fire Prevention and Safety Grant that will be used to help U.S. fire departments conduct more local educational outreach and to increase consumer interest in the life safety benefits of home fire sprinkler systems. The grant helps to extend the educational work HFSC has done since 1996.

Key to HFSC’s grant award are fire department stipends that will underwrite local fire sprinkler educational activities. HFSC has been offering varied fire service educational stipends since 2010, helping qualifying fire departments achieve their local public safety goals. “These grant-funded stipends have made it possible for fire departments with virtually no public education budget to improve local awareness of the dangers of home fires and the power of home fire sprinkler systems,” says HFSC Communications Manager Peg Paul. “We’ve heard time and again that without this financial support, local departments would not be able to do this important educational outreach.”

Through highly targeted activities, the federal award will also supplement HFSC’s longstanding national efforts to combat increasing misinformation about fire sprinkler technology, especially among homebuilders, water suppliers, local officials and others who impact the consumer’s decision to have fire sprinklers installed in new homes.

HFSC’s grant project will capitalize on the growing numbers of consumers using the Internet, with new, free, electronic programming that will simplify sprinkler technology and dispel common myths, encouraging more homeowners to ask for home fire sprinklers.

The fiscal year 2011 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant funding was awarded to HFSC through the Grant Programs Directorate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). “Every homeowner deserves to have factual information about the life safety benefits of residential fire sprinklers,” says HFSC Chair Gary Keith. “This generous grant award will help advance local fire department outreach on home fire sprinkler education and drive consumer demand for sprinklers. HFSC’s Board of Directors is grateful to the Grant Programs Directorate for this vital underwriting.”

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