Homeowners Urged to Make House Numbers More Visible

Homeowners Urged to Make House Numbers More Visible

Anaheim, Calif., fire fighters are urging residents to make sure their house numbers are visible from the street. This may require triming hedges or installing larger numbers, Captain Benny Ramirez, who has been in charge of updating fire deptment response, said.

Recent studies indicate that more than 55 percent of Anaheim’s emergency calls are for medical aid and rescue services.

“On an average, we respond to less than four structure fires a week,” Ramirez said. “If a house is on fire it is usually easy to spot but trying to find a residence where the painted number is chipped off a curb or is hidden by a big bush costs valuable time for rescue crews, he added.

The city fire department recently reassigned districts and updated the dispatch center. Several innovative changes occurred, including the broadcasting of all emergency phone calls “live” to each firehouse, so that firemen can hear the caller describe the problem and address, and begin responding prior to the actual dispatch. A microfiche reader with detailed maps and data has also been installed (Fire Engineering, June 1977).

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