Honeywell Industrial Fire Panels Expand UL Certification

Honeywell’s H-S81-HS Industrial SIL rated fire & gas panel line has just been expanded with significantly enhanced UL listed solutions!  The line now employs UL Listed System Sensor addressable devices as well as UL Listed remote SafetyBus I/O modules.   In addition, there is a new UL Listed “compact” model of the H-S81 which retains much of the functionality of the popular full sized units, but in a smaller wall-mountable package.  The combination of the Compact model with its SIL rated fire & gas detection and releasing capabilities, coupled with the new remote SafetyBus IO modules and the System Sensor smoke detection, sets a new level for an integrated F&G system – The power of CONNECTED!  All models in this release are readily available.

Designed for hazard monitoring and control at Industrial Sites, the H-S81-HS solutions are ideal for on and off-shore oil and gas facilities, petrochemical processing plants, aircraft maintenance hangars, ships / floating vessels, mission critical facilities, and military locations.

The new H-S81-HS full-size and compact panels perform flame, smoke and gas detection, and extinguishing / agent release, and seamlessly interfaces with plant safety and control systems through multiple protocols. Both feature unique “hot-swap” capability for the replacement and auto-configuration of CPUs and power supplies without performing a critical system shutdown.

Switching to H-S81-HS provides integrators with a number of key benefits:

  • Provision a comprehensive solution from Honeywell: no need to waste time or money chasing down ancillary products from multiple vendors.
  • Reduced Learning Curve and Installation Time: System Sensor devices provide a familiar interface that integrators are highly comfortable with.
  • Highly Modular and Scalable: Multiple hazards are addressable with just one controller. Solutions scales easily to fit specific site requirements as well as accommodating future needs.

Honeywell’s H-S81-HS controllers carry SIL2 and SIL3 ratings in addition to meeting UL864, NFPA-72, and EN-54 requirements. They are available along with a broad line of compatible flame, gas, smoke and aspirating detectors, and accessory field devices through Honeywell’s global network of specialized industrial fire protection channel partners.

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