Hopalong Cassidy Joins I.A.F.C. Drive to Cut Deaths by Fire

Hopalong Cassidy Joins I.A.F.C. Drive to Cut Deaths by Fire

The energetic and resourceful Chief Jay Stevens, Executive Secretary of the International Association of Fire Chiefs who, with the aid and blessing of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, has decided something ought to be done about reducing the high mortality among children of the nation from fire, took his planned fire safety program to the Houston, Tex., annual meeting of the I.A.F.C. Board of Directors. Here the indefatigable Jay encountered one William Boyd (better known as Hopalong Cassidy) and before the latter knew it. he had agreed to tie in his nationwide radio program with that of the fire chiefs.

International President Chief John H. Alderson with Hopalong Cassidy and Some of His Many Admirers

Every family that possesses children knows what a power for good Hopalong is among the latter. Hence the Willingness of this star performer to appeal to the parents of the country to use every precaution against fire, for the sake of their children, and themselves, gets the fire chiefs’ “Save the Children From Fire” drive off to a good start.

In addition, the ubiquitous Hopalong devoted one of his pungent syndicated printed “Hoppy Talks” (King Features Syndicate) to the International’s meritorious move. “These men know their business when it comes to fire fighting,” he told his readers. “When they get together they don’t waste much time talking about that part of their job. They talk about ways of teaching people to save their children, and themselves, by following fire prevention and safety rules. If folks paid more attention to them, the chiefs and their firemen would cut that death toll (an average of 20 kids lives lost every night, according to Jay Stevens) in a hurry.”

A Survivor of a National Airlines Plane Wreck, at International Airport, Philadelphia, Pa., Climbs from the Ditch Seconds After the Blaring Plane Came to a Stop on a Road Adjoining the Airport. Another Person Is Dimly Visible in the Doorway of the Plane's Cabin, as Fire, Fed by Gasoline, Spreads from the Front of the Ship

Just to ‘dress up’ the safety program, Hopalong introduced the president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Chief John H. Alderson, of Los Angeles, to one of his “Hopalong Broods”. “These are the sort of youngsters we fire chiefs want to see grow up into strong, healthy, useful citizens rather than be cut down by fire in their youth,” said Jay. “Anything the fire service can do to insure that happy outcome augurs well for the future of our nation.”

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