Hotel Damaged at Chattanooga

Hotel Damaged at Chattanooga

Guests escaped wthout personal injury, when fire which started from a defective furnace, destroyed the four-story Glenn Hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn. The building was constructed of brick and wood and was fifteen years old.

Rear of the Glenn Hotel After the Fire

Fire was discovered in the basement and an alarm was sent in by telephone. When the first company arrived, the entire building was filled with smoke. The alarm brought three engine companies, one aerial and one service truck, and the third alarm seven engines. In all, there were ninety-three firemen at the blaze.

Nine hydrants were within easy reach, and water could be supplied at ninety pounds pressure.

The fire loss on both building and contents was estimated at $80,000. Chief W. M. Toomey was in command at the fire.

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