Hotel in Lenox, Mass., Destroyed

Hotel in Lenox, Mass., Destroyed

Outside aid was called to fight a fire that totally destroyed the Aspinwall Hotel at Lenox, Mass., the morning of April 25.

When the Lenox Fire Department arrived in command of Chief Oscar R. Hutchinson, the entire center section of the hotel was completely involved and fire was spreading to the wings. The hotel was five and one-half stories high, 100 feet wide and 425 feet long with a veranda constructed all around. A fire wall separated the center section from the west wing. After the fire it was observed that the fire door on the first floor was part way open. Aid was called from Pittsfield and Lee.

The Lenox pumper was connected to the private water system provided with a 55,000-gallon storage tank. As the tank was only ten feet above the pumper, it was possible to obtain only two lines. These lines were used to prevent the fire from reaching the boiler house. Companies from Pittsfield and Lee formed a relay when they arrived. The Pittsfield pumper was placed at the hydrant and the Lee pumper 1,650 feet away. In all 4,050 feet of hose were used in this relay. This line was taken to the roof of the boiler house and prevented fire, from the hotel spreading over a passageway to the boiler house.

It was necessary to station men in the woods to prevent fires caused by the flying embers. Burning brands were carried to buildings in the village, one quarter mile away.

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