House Inspection Reduce Fire Losses

House Inspection Reduce Fire Losses

Rigid inspection of building through efforts of the fire department of the City of Charlotte, N. C., is bearing fruit in the reduction of the city’s fire loss, Hendrix Palmer, Chief of the Fire Department, said. Fire loss for the first three months of 1931 is $88,938.48 less than for the same three months of 1930.

Constant inspection of buildings is being given by a crew of firemen working under the direction of Captain H. C. Kissiah, director of the newly formed Fire Prevention Bureau. In close cooperation with this bureau are the inspectors of the inspection division of the city government, and these have accomplished good results in the elimination of fire hazards. The inspection division alone has brought about more than five hundred corrections in construction during the current fiscal year. In addition, many wiring systems have been condemned entirely, it was pointed out, and sixty old buildings have been condemned.

Firemen have been able to eliminate fire hazards through the discovery of rubbish and inflammable materials stored in buildings. They also gave attention to scores of “bridged fuses.”

Chicago in Need of More Men—Fire Commissioner Albert W. Goodrich, of Chicago, has pointed out that the Fire Department needs more men and stressed the possible dangers resulting from the department not keeping pace with the growth of the city. Mr. Goodrich based his statement upon a report received from the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

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