Houston, Tex., Constructing Reservoir

Houston, Tex., Constructing Reservoir

Actual work has started on the construction of the first of the reservoirs for Houston, Tex.; it is to have a capacity of 4.000,000 gallons. Following this, a reservoir of 15,000,000 gallons capacity will be constructed.

The smaller reservoir, which will cost $104,500 is to be of reinforced concrete construction and will be approximately 175 feet square and 20 feet deep. It will have walls that are nine inches thick and the top will be covered with concrete slabs seven inches thick. Owing to the sloping ground on which it is to be built, one end will be entirely below ground level while the other will project above the ground a few feet. Earth will be banked up around the projecting end and the entire top covered with 18 inches of earth, which will serve to protect the tank as well as keep the water cool.

Nearly 16,000 yards of earth will be removed to make room for the reservoir. According to the terms of the city’s contract with the Johnson Construction company, who will build the reservoir, this earth is to be taken away from the site and disposed of by the city. It will be used to fill in oil White Oak Bayou drive.

The contract calls for completion of the tank in 80 working days or about the latter part of November. Immediately upon its completion and acceptance it will be put into service. Water will be pumped into it direct from the wells by air and electric power. The big steam pumps at the central plant will then take the water from the reservoir and force it into the mains under pressure. The standpipe at the central plant will serve the same purpose as it now does—namely, that of a pressure equalizer.

Intake Arches and Sluices from the Land Side, Queen Mary Reservoir, London. After Passing Through the Sluices and Fine Mesh Screens, the Water Runs Through One of Three Channels to the Reservoir. All Works, Including the Channels, Bridges and Bases, is done in Granite.

Pueblo, Col., to Have More Hydrants—Pueblo, Col., awarded contracts for the delivery of 125 fire hydrants. Three bids were received and each firm submitted a bid of $60.39 a hydrant.

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