How can I afford yet another set of gear for my department?

Get the most from your budget!

Fire-Dex understands that sometimes providing higher levels of protection can create significant stress on the budgets of many fire departments.  The Interceptor Package™ offers a financial solution that will maximize your ability to protect yourself and others without the added expense.

Featuring PPE to combat both the number one (Cancer) and number two (Heat Stress and Cardiac Fatigue) causes of firefigher-related deaths, Fire-Dex’s economical package bundles three products: (1) TECGEN51 Fatigues, dual-certified for 90% of your calls; (2) H41 Interceptor™ particulate blocking hood; (3) FXR Turnouts featuring Active Posture Design™.

So how can you afford a second set of gear?

It’s likely this complete protective package may already be in your budget! Fire-Dex is able to substantially reduce the cost to your department by bundling these products rather than selling each individually.

This health and safety-focused Interceptor Package™ is something every department should consider. Contact a Fire-Dex Distributor to schedule a demonstration.

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