How Do You Like It?

How Do You Like It?

Last month we suggested you watch for important changes in FIRE ENGINEERING, which were in prospect. —the better to serve its great and growing family of readers and advertisers.

With this January, 1956 issue, we bring to you the first of these improvements,—a new dress, new style, new treatment of text and pictures.

We hope you like it. We believe the new FIRE ENGINEERING loses none of those inherent qualities which have endeared it to so many, for so long. There is an old saying that “rare wine from a tin cup loses its flavor. In this day of typographical and pictorial artistry there is no excuse for a publisher of even the most technical and factual journal not presenting its messages in a form that is both pleasing to the eye as well as to the mind.

There will be other and nonetheless important improvements in FIRE ENGINEERING—important to us, the publishers, because they are important to you and the other students of the art, profession, science, and business of fire protection and prevention.

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