How Do YOU Use These Features?

How Do YOU Use These Features?

Sometimes we wonder how our readers use the many special monthly departments contained in each issue of FIRE ENGINEERINGthe Round Table, in which fire chiefs express themselves on pertinent topics; Short Cuts and Gadgets, in which readers tell how they do it; What’s Burning, which provides vital statistics for the budget makers; the dates of fire schools and colleges, and conferences, for those who seek learning and good fellowship; and Questions and Answers, in which perplexed fire fighters put their problems to the editors, and get a reply.

These features may be tucked away toward the rear of each issue but they pack a wallet-full of useful knowledge, if you care to use it. As one chief said, “they’re the ‘bread-and-butter’ of FIRE ENGINEERING!”

We know that other readers study them religiously and regularly—and profit accordingly. They tell us so. (Just the other evening we saw a guest speaker at a fire chiefs’ dinner surreptiously sneak one of his jokes from a page of “False Alarms” which he had hidden in his pocket. That’s another department that is appreciated!)

As you read and reflect on these features, remember FIRE ENGINEERING is the only “Journal of the Fire Service” that brings you so much helpful, timely information. “These alone are well worth the cost of my subscription,” is the way one consistent subscriber puts it.

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