How Much Water Do We Drink in the U. S.?

How Much Water Do We Drink in the U. S.?

SINCE the hour when alcohol, as a beverage, was banished from this country, the amount of water which is drunk annually in the United States must have greatly increased. Even with this great increase in water drinking, however, it is doubtful if most of us drink enough water. It is, unfortunately, a fact that some of us do not dring enough water until the doctor advises us to do so—when, often, it is too late.

Nevertheless, there is a large amount of water drunk in this country, and a careful consideration indicates that the daily amount averages, approximately, three glasses, for each individual. These three glasses do not include the water that we take in as part of our solid food, or the water contained in milk, coffee and other beverages, all of which naturally diminish the amount of water which each individual drinks directly. Of course we drink more water in summer than in winter, and more when we are subject to violent physical exertion than when leading a quiet, sedentary existence; but a careful consideration indicates that the daily amount averages, all the year round, about three glasses for every man, woman and child in the United States.

Inasmuch as the total daily consumption, for every purpose, in New York City, approximates 660,000.000 gallons, and inasmuch as the city’s population is, at present, about 6,100,000, it is evident that the citizens of New York drink about 858,000 gallons of water, or less than 1/770th of the amount which is used every 24 hours. If the population of our 48 states equals 107,000,000, then these 107,000,000 people are drinking daily at least 15,000,000 gallons of water, and annually more than 5.475,000,000 gallons. That is, the average citizen imbibes yearly about 205 quarts, or 51 gallons. Now, if a gallon contains 231 cubic inches, then 51 gallons contain 11,781 cubic inches, or nearly seven cubic feet. So it is evident that the average human being in this country drinks annually more than his own bulk of water. In other words, since a gallon of water weighs about 8 1/4 pounds, the average citizen of the United States imbibes yearly about 425 pounds, or more than one fifth of a ton,” of “Adam’s Ale.”—Charles Nevers Holmes in Scientific American.

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Our national glass of water for a year, and its consumer, are here shown in proper proportions. Is it any wonder Americans are recognized the world over as great water drinkers)

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