How Schenectady Fire Department Coped with the Storm

How Schenectady Fire Department Coped with the Storm

The recent cold blast and heavy snowfall tied up a great many fire departments, at least they were not prepared for the great handicap that came in the shape of a severe storm. The northern sections where sleds are necessary for the transportation of fire apparatus during such a season as we have just passed through, had not anticipated the blizzard by getting their runners in readiness. Not all fire departments however were thus unprepared, as will be seen by the following correspondence which has been received from Schenectady, N. Y.:

Starting about 10 o’clock on the evening of Feb. 13, a heavy snowstorm visited the city of Schenectady, continuing until 7 o’clock p. m., Feb. 14. The actual measurement was 32 inches. On Saturday morning, Feb. 14, orders were sent to each of the fire stations and bob sleighs and horses were at once put in commission. Aerial Hook & Ladder Truck was properly arranged on a heavy boh sleigh and by 11 o’clock Saturday morning. Feb. 14, the following arrangements were made throughout the department:


Station No. 1—Bob sleighs and teams.

Station No. 2—Boh sleighs with teams, as well as aerial truck being equipped with extra horse hitch.

Station No. 3—Bob sleigh and team.

Station No. 4—Bob sleigh and team

Station No. 5—Remained on wheels, with extra leader horses placed in service.

Station No. 6—Remained on wheels with extra leader horses placed in service.

Station No. 7—Bob sleigh with team.

Station No. 8—Bob sleigh with team. Also extra leader horses for engine, which was left on wheels, engine being very light.

Station No. 9—Bob sleigh with team. Extra leader horses for engine.

Seventeen extra men were employed and assigned to the different stations. The permanent men of the department were all called in and meals were furnished them during Saturday and Sunday, owing to the blocking of the street car traffic. All men remained at their stations and very short meal hours were allowed. No furloughs were allowed.

There have been a great many fires and the department has not failed to reach any fire, but has made good time and with full equipment. After installing the many new pieces of auto apparatus many horses were disposed of, therefore early on Saturday morning the chief of the department took possession of many of the teams of the Ash and Garbage Collection Bureau. The citizens are very thankful for the arrangements that have been made, and feel that precaution has been taken by the fire department to protect their property, not waiting until the snow became too heavy, as these arrangements were made early Saturday morning. Feb. 14. Same arrangements are still in commission and will be for several days to come.

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