How the Fall River Fire Dept. Helps the Needy

How the Fall River Fire Dept. Helps the Needy

Chief Jeremiah F. Sullivan, Fall River, Mass.

The fire department of Fall River, Mass., under the leadership of Chief Jeremiah F. Sullivan, is rendering a most worthy service toward the mitigation of some of the acute cases of suffering in that city, which have arisen from the industrial situation, Fall Fiver having been especially hard hit owing to the prolonged inactivity of the textile industry. Ever since the tenth of last April, working through the duly constituted authorities, the one hundred and seventy-eight officers and men of the fire department have been contributing each week towards the relief work that is being carried on in Fall River.

One of the chief functions of any fire department, is, of course, the saving of human life from destruction by fire; and many firemen have been officially commended for having rendered such heroic service, even though such service was performed in the regular line of duty. However, the Fall River fire department, one hundred per cent, strong, is at present engaged in the saving of human life—outside of the regular line of duty; and it, too. deserves the highest commendation for its illustrious action.

In the early part of last April, Chief Sullivan, in a personal interview with each platoon of his department, brought to the attention of both officers and men. the acuteness of the economic situation in Fall River, and urged that they undertake some measure of relief. As already stated, every member of the department responded to their chief’s appeal, and to date, June 2d, the sum of nineteen hundred dollars lias been contributed and distributed to the needy.

Permit Raise of Ocean City, N. J., Rates—The New JerseyPublic Utilities Commission lias fixed the value of property of the Ocean City, N. J., Water Company at $650,000 and has authorized an increased schedule of rates. The base rate of $3.25 a thousand cubic feet is established with a graded scale, in which the rate decreases as the consumption increases. A minimum of $1.65 a thousand is fixed for customers using more than 100,000 cubic feet during the year.

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