How to Clean Your Structural Firefighting Gloves Properly

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Follow these steps to clean and maintain your Pro-Tech 8 Structural Firefighting Gloves.

Materials Needed:

  1. 32 oz. spray bottle x2
  2. 1 bottle CitroSqueeze
  3. 5 gallon buckets x2
  4. clean rags/towels x4
  5. good pair latex gloves

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A. Don a pair of latex cleaning gloves.

B. One glove at a time, don one of your Pro-Tech 8 gloves. Using a soft brush, gently brush off all visual dirt and debris. Be gentle, you are just trying to remove the loose dirt and debris.

C. After brushing off dirt and debris, visually inspect each glove. Visually inspect the entire glove looking for damage from wear & tear, contact with hazardous materials, tears and rips and loose or broken stitching. Any damage to glove take out of service. Report to your officer in charge.

D. One glove at a time, don one of your Pro-Tech 8 gloves. Using a spray bottle of clean water, spray glove to be cleaned. Get glove nice and wet. Using opposite hand, work water into outer shell of glove to help remove dirt and debris. Rinse with spray bottle of water.

E. Using another spray bottle with a mixture of clean water and CitroSqueeze at a dilution of 1oz of CitroSqueeze and 15 oz of water:

  • Spray glove with cleaning solution soaking outer layer of glove.
  • Using opposite hand work cleaning solution into glove until cleaning solution becomes a lather.
  • Rinse glove clean using spray bottle with only clean water.
  • Rinse until all cleaning solution ha been rinsed away.
  • Repeat using remaining glove to be cleaned (This step may be repeated as needed).

F. Set cleaned gloves aside to dry. Make sure it’s a cool dry area. Keep away from heating devices and sun.

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