Humane Society Gives Boston Firemen Medals

Humane Society Gives Boston Firemen Medals

The Massachusetts Humane Society recently presented three members of the Boston fire department with medals for bravery. The ceremony took place in the office of Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn at Boston fire headquarters on Bristol Street. Those receiving the honors were Hosetnen Edward J. Crowley, James J. Buchanan, and Arthur A. Ryan, all of Chemical 7, East Boston.

Robert Homans and Ellery H. Clark, of the Humane Society. Fire Commissioner Glynn, and Chief Taber addressed the men, congratulating them for their meritorious conduct.

Each of the three firemen received a bronze medal, lapel button, and check for $15. The awards were made in recognition of courage displayed beyond the line of duty at a fire in East Boston. The act referred to was the rescue of Mrs. Helen Edgett and her three-day old child from a fire at 284 Princeton Street, East Boston, on January 28. 1924.

The following description of the rescue is taken from the report made to headquarters by Lieut. Hugh J. Goodfellow:

“Upon responding to a still alarm and arriving at the scene of the fire, 284 Princeton Street, East Boston, Crawley, Buchanan and Ryan were informed by neighbors that a sick woman and child were in a bedroom on the second floor of the burning building. The house was heavily charged with heat and smoke, the flames showing at the roof from a fire which started in the basement.

“The members of the company ordered a police officer to pull Box 687, which alarm was received at 7:47 A. M. The three firemen immediately proceeded into the building, groping their way through the heat and smoke. They ascended to the second floor, where, lying on their stomachs, they groped around trying to find the room and also calling out.

“Eventually they heard feeble moans coming from a front room. They crawled into this room and found a recently confined mother with a 3 days’ old child in a semi-conscious condition. Grasping the forms, bed-clothing and all, they then guided one another over the stairway to the street where the rescued persons were removed to a hospital. Several citizens and a policeman had tried to rescue the occupants, but were unable to penetrate the heat and smoke. The firemen were visibly affected, by their experience, but after a short time were able to resume work.”

Fire Commissioner Glynn Presenting Humane Society Medals to Boston Firemen. Left to Right—Hoseman Ryan, Ellery H. Clark, Hoseman Buchanan, Robert Homans, Hoseman Crowley, Commissioner Glynn and Chief Taber

Fire Company Presents Souvenirs to Retiring Captain—

The members of Excelsior Engine Company of Pearl River, N. Y., at a recent meeting, presented Captain Cordes Lucas with a pipe and a fountain pen on his retirement from the company after serving ten years as its head. Captain Lucas has been elected assistant chief of the fire department, which is the cause of his retiring from the captaincy. The presentation was made by A. H. Witthohn, treasurer of the company. At the fire department election the following was the result: Chief, E. H. Parizot; assistant chief, Cordes Lucas; secretary, Fred Kennedy; treasurer, F. J. Doscher.

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