Hydrant and Fire Alarm Box Markers

Hydrant and Fire Alarm Box Markers

It is sometimes very difficult during the night to discern a hydrant in close proximity to a fire unless it is marked in some way.

Brantford, Out., has recently installed light yellow lights on electric light standards adjacent to the hydrants. These lights do not detract from the regular street lighting yet at the same time are easily picked out, and saves time in locating hydrants nearest the fire. These poles have also a wide yellow band painted around them so that hydrants can be picked out at quite a distance in the day time. We have found that this has worked to great advantage and the saving of time in laying hose lines to fight a fire.

We have also installed for the public’s benefit, a red light with a clear bottom over our fire alarm boxes. The clear bottom on this light does not detract from the amount of light ordinarily thrown on the street by the regular street lighting, and at the same time, the red on the upper portion of the light can be seen at a great distance. There are also red bands painted around these poles, so that they are easily discernible in the day time. One great advantage to this, is that the only cost is the cost of the light bulbs, as they are installed on the regular street lighting poles. The replacing and maintenance of these lights are looked after by the Public Utilities Commission and therefore entails no expenditure of the Fire Department’s appropriation.

We have also installed, as part of our equipment, a Universal sprinkler shut-off (in fact we have several of these), and we have made a portable set of sprinklers of different types that we can hook up and demonstrate the shutting off of any individual sprinkler head.

We had our mechanic work on this sprinkler shut-off with the idea of a sprinkler shut-off that would take care of all types of sprinkler heads. After some experimental work, he was able to make a sprinkler shut-off that would do this.

This means that when you have a fire where there is a sprinkler head or heads operating, that the individual head or heads can be shut off without having to shut off the entire sprinkler system. Should a fire break out in some other part of the plant or building, the sprinkler system would still be in operation in that area.

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