Hold Annual Meeting in Houston, Tex., And Lay Out Activities for Current Year

THE annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs was held at the Shamrock Hotel, Houston, Tex., on February 5 to 7 inclusive.

The dates were set for the annual conference of the Association, to be held at the Municipal Auditorium in Grand Rapids, Mich., on August 14 to 17 inclusive.

The Hotel Pantlind will be the headquarters hotel, and it is connected by underpass with the Auditorium, where meetings and exhibits will be staged.

The Chairman of the Exhibit Committee, Chief E. C. Canning of Midvale, Utah, who did such an outstanding job at last year’s conference in San Francisco, is already at work in preparing floor plans for the apparatus and equipment display.

The Directors of the Association, reiterating the stand taken last year, notified Chief Frank Burns of Grand Rapids, the host chief, that the host city is not to furnish the banquet to the members free of charge. Instead, each member will be required to pay for his own banquet ticket.

In addition, the Directors requested that the host chief do not solicit advertising from manufacturers of apparatus and equipment, who are already contributing heavily to the activities of the Association. These manufacturers, some of whom are sustaining members, already pay for exhibit space, advertising in the convention proceedings, and in other ways contribute to the welfare of the Association. However, the local convention committee, which is getting out the souvenir program, may solicit any fire apparatus and equipment representatives within the state.

This action was similar to that taken two years ago when the conference met at New Orleans, where the Board of Directors first laid down such restrictions.

Committee Reports

A number of committee reports were presented at the meeting, including: Communications, Roi B. Woolley, Chairman

Arson, Fire Marshal George Clough, Chairman

Radiological Hazards, Mathew Braidech, Chairman

President’s Advisory Committee, Fred B. Philbrick, Chairman Committee on Fire Prevention, Jay W. Stevens, Chairman

Committee on Salaries, Chief William Fitzgerald, Chairman Committee on Priorities, Fred Shepperd, Chairman

Special Committee on Duties of the General Manager and the SecretaryTreasurer, Chief Ray Tiller, Chairman The Committee on Fire Prevention, under Chief Jay Stevens, has arranged a very elaborate program for a nationwide fire prevention campaign. The cooperation of numerous national organizations has already been solicited, and in most cases has been promised. It is planned also, to solicit the cooperation of radio commentators and others on radio and television.

As a start towards this end, Mr. William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy), who was in Houston at the time of the Directors’ Meeting, was approached and readily agreed to incorporate in his program for youngsters a fire prevention message. Chief Stevens has been requested to prepare the script to be incorporated in Hopalong Cassidy’s radio and television show.

In presenting the report of the Committee on Salaries, Chief Fitzgerald exhibited the scale of salaries of fire chiefs in cities of different population groups, and pointed out that many were far below average.

Representing the International Association of Fire Chiefs on the Advisory Committee to the Fire Service Division of the Federal Civil Defense Administration are President John Alderson and Fred Shepperd. Plans of the Fire Service Division were briefly reviewed.

The military status of fire department personnel was discussed fully, but in the absence of specific promises from Washington, no action could be taken.

The Latin-American Division of the Association was also discussed, and will probably be taken up at the next conference of the Association.

Those present at the Directors’ Meeting included:

Officers: Chief John H. Alderson, President; Chief, Rudolph H. Swanson, First Vice-President; Chief G. R. McAlpine, Second Vice-President; ExChief Daniel B. Tierney, SecretaryTreasurer; Chief William J. Cawker, Past President.

Directors: Ex-Chief Charles E. Clark, Wayne, Pa., Secretary, Eastern Division, and representing Mr. Herbert A. Friede, Director from the Eastern Division; Chief Frank H. Burns, Grand Rapids, Mich., Great Lakes Division; Chief Ray Tiller, Waterloo, Iowa, Missouri Valley Division; Chief Richard Salamone, Needham, Mass., New England Division; Chief William Meinheit, Berkeley, Cal., Pacific Coast Inter-Mountain Division; Chief J. N. Farmer, Petersburg, Va., Southeastern Division; Chief W. H. Short, Lethbridge, Alta., Dominion Division.

Others included James E. Jagger, General Manager, Jay W. Stevens, Executive Secretary; Fred Shepperd, Technical Consultant; I. H. Case, Chairman of Public Relations; and Chief L. C. Canning, Midvale, Utah, Chairman of Exhibits.

Presidents of Divisions who were present were Battalion Chief Emmet Byrne, Cleveland, Ohio, Great Lakes Division; Chief William Fitzgerald, Seattle, Wash., Pacific Coast Inter-Mountain Division.

Other secretaries of Divisions who were present were Chief Alfred H. Koltonski, Rutland, Vt., New England Division, and Dr. B. J. Barrodale, Houma, La., Southwest Division. Also present were Chief D. P. Rachal. Port Arthur, Tex., former President. Southwestern Association; Chief Robert Bogan, Baton Rouge, La., former President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Chief Charles A. Middlekauf. Houston, Tex., and Richard W. Joyner, Honorary Member, I. A. F. C.

Manufacturers’ Representatives

Among the manufacturers’ representatives who were on hand were Art Sullivan (and aides), American District Telegraph Company; Dan E. Lake, Mack Trucks, Inc.; Hugh Walker, American – LaFranee – Foamite Corporation; Joseph Green, Richard G. Joyner, Frank Tilley and Jonas Smith, Eureka Fire Hose Division, U. S. Rubber Company; Grace Clark, Circul-Air Corporation ; Earl Scott, Scott Aviation Corporation.

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