Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors Held at New York, December 7-9, and Date Set for Oklahoma City (Okla.) Convention, October 19-22

AT a meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs held at the Hotel Edison, New York City, December 7 to 9, details of the 1937 Annual Convention were arranged, and a program selected.

The Headquarters at Oklahoma City will be the Biltmore Hotel, and the rates will be: single room $2.50 to $3; double room $4.50 to $5.

The dates selected for the Annual Convention were October 19 to 22 inclusive.

Both exhibits and business meetings will be held in the new municipal auditorium, wherein 37,000 square feet of space will be available for exhibits, and any of several rooms, for the meeting purposes. This auditorium is five blocks from the Headquarters Hotel.

To facilitate registration, the Secretary’s office will be opened the day before the Convention convenes. The Southwestern Association will meet jointly with the International this year and will share the same program.

Those who were in attendance at the meeting included the following:

Chief Robert A. Bogan, President, Baton Rouge, La.; Chief Daniel B. Tierney, 1st Vice-President, Arlington, Mass.; Chief Roy B. Mottesheard, 2nd Vice-President, Dearborn, Mich.; ExChief James J. Mulcahey, SecretaryTreasurer, Yonkers, N. Y.; Ex-Chief Jay W. Stevens, Executive Secretary, San Francisco, Cal.; Chief Charles J. Brennan, Director, San Francisco, Cal.; Chief J. Ray Roe, Director, Abilene, Tex.; Chief W. Q. Dowling, Director, Jacksonville, Fla.; Chief James T. O’Donnell, Director, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief Peter Steinkellner, Director, Milwaukee. Wis.; Chief George B. Goff. Host, 1937 Convention, Oklahoma City. Okla.; Chief Arthur Chambers, Committeeman. Yonkers, N. Y.; Chief Thomas F. Burns, Committeeman, Bridgeport, Conn.; Chief John J. Towey, Committeeman, Newark, N. J.; Chief John J. McElligott, Committeeman, New York City; Chief Ray Tiller, Chairman. Exhibits, 1937, Waterloo, la.; Chief Selden R. Allen, Committeeman, Brookline, Mass.; James Keegan, Salvage Corps, Newark, N. J.: Assistant Chief Ross, Oklahoma City, Okla.: Assistant Chief and Drillmaster Ray Tillman, Portland, Ore.; W. E. Mallalieu and George W. Booth, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City; Arthur Sullivan, American-LaFranceFoamite Corporation, Elmira, N. Y.; Joseph H. Green, Eureka Fire Hose Division, U. S. Rubber Company, New York City; George Morley, Gamewell Company, Newton, Mass.: I. H. Case. Director of Publicity, I.A.F.C., New York City, and Fred Shepperd, Headquarters Manager, I.A.F.C., New York City.

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