Registration by Districts, Fire Protection in Hotels, Progress Made in Civil Service Law and Other Subjects Discussed

Directors and Committeemen of the I.A.F.C. in Session at the Hotel Roosevelt, New York City, February 10 to 14 L. to R.: Chief James T. O'Donnell. Salvage Corn. St. Louis. Mo., Director; Chief Thomas F. Burns, Bridgeport Conn., Committeeman; Fred ShepHeadquarters Manager. I.A.F.C., N. Y. City; Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis., Director; Chief Robert Bogan Baton Rouge, La., First Vice-President; Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, Cal., President; Chief Daniel B. I terney. Arlington. Mass., Second Vice-President, ExChief James I .Mulcahey Yonker, N. Y., Secretary-Treasurer; Chief W. W. Stephen. Anniston, Ala., Director; Chief Louis P. kerner, Jr., Rio Vista. Cal.. Director, and Ex Chief Jay W. Stevens, San Francisco, Cal., Executive Secretary.

THE annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs was held at the Hotel Roosevelt, New York City, on February 10 to 14. The principal business taken up was the setting of the date for the annual Convention to be held in Toronto, Ontario, and also laying plans for the program of that meeting. Details were also set forth on a drive for membership and for convention attendance. Many other topics were discussed, including the proposed civil service law, cooperation with the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and better protection for hotels.

The date selected for the annual convention at Toronto are July 21 to 24 inclusive. Headquarters will lie at the Royal York Hotel and room rates announced by a representative of the Toronto Committee are $4 per room single, and $7 double.

Registration by Districts

In order to simplify registration, and enable the Registration Committee to make sure that all registering are in good standing, a plan, similar to that followed at the Portland Convention in 1927, was outlined. Each district organization will be required to have a representative at the registration desk to check the status of each member applying for registration. Before membership badge is issued, member will have to bring his dues payment up to date.

Drive for Membership and Convention Attendance

President Brennan prior to the Directors’ meeting appointed Chief John J. McElligott, of New York Fire Department, as Chairman of the Committee on Registration and Convention Attendance. At the Directors’ meeting. the Chairman, with the aid of the representatives of the various districts, appointed state committeemen to aid Chief McElligott.

Cooperation wifh National Board of Fire Underwriters

All of Tuesday, February 11, was devoted to the discussion of the subject of cooperation with the National Board of Fire Underwriters. Upon invitation of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, the delegates proceeded to the office of the National Board, 85 John Street, New York City, where the two organizations went into joint conference.

Those from the National Board sitting in on the conference included W. E. Mallalieu, Manager; George W. Booth, Chief PIngineer; T. Alfred Fleming, Chief of Conservation; Mr. Balaski, Chief of Arson Investigation, and A. C. Hutson, Assistant Chief Engineer.

The subjects discussed were advantages of civil service in Fire Departments and penalties incorporated in the Standard Schedule for Rating Cities and Towns for fire defenses, where members of the Fire Department are not protected by civil service; desirability of cities and towns spending money for Fire Department improvements where they are already enjoying a position in the middle of a classification and where a moderate expenditure for improvements would not raise the classification, and per capita fire losses.

Progress on Civil Service Law

One entire day was spent in discussing the features of the proposed Civil Service bill, to be sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs for general adoption throughout the country.

After discussion of the subject, the original suggested skeleton of the civil service law outlining 21 essential points was selected as the most practical and quickest way of securing action. Upon motion by Chief SteinkeUner, and unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, the skeleton outline of 21 essential points was adopted by the Executive Committee.

At the suggestion of Chief Steinkellner, a resolution was adopted to the effect that the Executive Committee recommends to the Resolution Committee that the latter draft a civil service law envolving the 21 points.

Friday Session

The first action of the Executive Committee on Friday morning was to draft a resolution on fire protection in hotels.

The Executive Committee recommended that copies of the resolution be presented to every Governor, to various commercial clubs, such as Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary, U. S. Chamber of Commerce, to the American Hotels Association and to others who are in a position to be influential in securing necessary legislation, or who are interested in the subject of reducing the life hazard in hotels.

Further Conference With National Board

At the Friday session, George W. Booth, Chief Engineer of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and A. C. Hutson, Assistant Chief Engineer, were invited to sit in on the discussion. The question of overinsurance of properties was presented by Chief SteinkeUner. There was considerable discussion on this subject.

Mr. Hutson called attention to the advent of all-metal ladders, and suggested that a committee be appointed by the Board of Directors to sit in with the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and manufacturers, to discuss metal aerial ladders. Chief Daniel B. Tierney was appointed by President Brennan to serve as Chairman of the Committee along with Chief Thomas Burns, of Bridgeport.

George Morley Honored

A motion was made by Chief James J. O’Donnell that Honorary Life Membership be conferred on George E. Morley, to carry with it all the privileges of the active membership and that his election be recommended at the annual convention in Toronto. This was carried unanimously.

Inspections by Other Than Fire Departments

A resolution in the form of a letter to Chief McElligott. of the New York Fire Department, was presented by Chief Brennan and unanimously carried. It called attention to the local conditions of law delegating powers to authorities other than the Fire Department which can only be properly exercised by that department. Reference was made to the fire in the ChineseAmerican Restaurant, with loss of life, resulting from just such a case of divided authority. The letter was despatched to Chief McElligott, following the adjournment of the meeting.

A letter of commendation to Chief Ray Tiller, of Waterloo, Ia., for the commendable work he has performed in the Missouri Valley Association was also ordered sent.

In closing the meeting, it was recommended that all district officers be contacted prior to the annual convention, in order to have the district officers make suggestions for improved service which the International might be able to render to its members, such suggestions to be presented at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors at Toronto, just prior to the Convention in that city in July.

Those present at the meeting of the Board of Directors were as follows:

Charles J. Brennan, Chief, San Francisco, Cal., President.

Robert A. Bogan, Chief, Baton Rouge, La., First Vice-President.

Daniel B. Tierney. Chief, Arlington, Mass., Second Vice-President.

Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshall, of California. San Francisco, Executive Secretary.

James J. Mulcahey, Ex-Chief, Yonkers, N. Y., Recording Secretary-Treasurer.

Fred Shepperd, New York Headquarters, Manager.

I. H. Case, New York, Publicity Manager.


Peter Steinkellner, Chief, Milwaukee, Wis., Great Lakes Division.

L. P. Kerner, Jr., Chief, Rio Vista, Cal., Pacific Coast Division.

Jas. T. O’Donnell, Chief of Salvage. St. Louis. Mo.. Missouri Valley Division.

Ross B. Davis, Chief. Philadelphia. Pa., Eastern Division.

W. W. Stephen. Chief, Swann Chemical Company, Anniston, Ala., Southeastern Division.


Jas. N. Sullivan, Chief, Utica, N. Y.

Titos. F. Burns, Chief. Bridgeport. Conn.

C. M. Johnson and wife. Chief. Knoxville. Tenn. Chief Sinclair, Toronto, Can.


Geo. Thomas. American-La-France Company, Toronto. Can.

Joe Green. Eureka Fire Hose Division of 1 . S. Rubber Company.

If. J. Ringers. Fabric Fire Hose Company.

(i. E. Morley. Gamewell Company.

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