I.A.F.C. Exhibit Reservations Forecast Banner Conference

I.A.F.C. Exhibit Reservations Forecast Banner Conference

Advance reports concerning the forth-coming 85th Annual Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to be held September 16-19 at Los Angeles, indicate the session will set several new records.

Prominent among them will be the apparatus and equipment manufacturers’ exhibits. According to Chief Clyde Canning, chairman, Exhibit Committee, this year’s display is expected to be the greatest ever held. He reports that already very few spaces are left and urges manufacturers interested in exhibiting to contact him at 295 East 2nd Avenue, Midvale, Utah.

Here is the list of exhibitors that have reserved space as of April 1:

Ace Hose Reel Co., Ltd.

Akron Brass Mfg. Co.

American City Magazine

American District Telegraph Co.

American Fire Apparatus Co.

American Fire Pump Co.

American LaFrance Corp.

American Rubber Mfg. Co.

Antrex Corp.

Ardmore Products, Amco Corp.

Atlas Safety Equipment Co.

Batrow Laboratories, Inc.

Bi-Lateral Fire Hose Co.

Blackhawk Mfg. Co.

Blackinton, V. H., & Co.

Bomgardner Mfg. Co., The

Bouton Woven Hose & Rubber Co.

Cairns & Bro., Inc.

Chevrolet Motors Div.

Chiksan Co.

Circul-Air Corp.

Coast Fire Apparatus Co.

Cornelius Company, The

Crown Body & Coach Corp.

Curtis. L. N., & Sons

Dictaphone Corporation

E & J Mfg. Co.

Eagle Signal Corp.

Electronic Protection, Inc.

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co.

Emerson. J. H., Co.

Encyclopedia Brittanica

Eureka Fire Hose Div., U. S. Rubber Co.

Fabric Fire Hose Co.

Federal Sign & Signal Corp.

Fire Engineering

Ford Motor Co.

Four Wheel Drive Auto Co.

Fyr-Fvter Co., The

Gamewell Co., The

Goodall Rubber Co.

Goodrich, B. F., Co.

Great Books of the Western Worlds

Greenberg’s Sons, M.

Hale Fire Pump Co.

Hall-Scott, Inc.

Halprin Supply Co.

Hannay, Clifford B., & Son, Inc.

Hewitt-Robins. Inc.

Hemelite Div., Textron, Inc.

Kohler Co.

Lawton, J. J.

Leece-Neville Co.

Mack Trucks, Inc.

Mellon Div., Doho Chemical Corp.

Mars Signal Light Co.

Maxim Motor Co.

McIntire, F. N., Brass Works, Inc.

Memco Aerial Ladder Co.

Miller-Meteor Div., Divco-Wayne Corp.

Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Motorola Communications & Electronics, Inc.

Nielsen-Rionda, Inc.

Notifier Corp.

Onan, D. W., & Sons, Inc.

Pacific Telephone & Telegraph

Phon-Alarm Div., Angelus Industries

Pioneer Gen-E-Nlotor Co.

Pirsch, Peter, & Sons Co.

Powhatan Brass & Iron Works

Rich Co.

Rockwood Sprinkler Co.

Santa Rosa Fire Nozzle Co.

Scott Aviation Corp.

Seagrave Corp.

Simpson, William, Sons & Co.

Stephenson Corp.

Superior Coach Corp.

Super Vacuum Mfg. Co.

Trilling, Emanuel

Victorlite Industries

Washington Products Co.

Waterous Co.

Western Fire Equipment Co.

Whealen Engineering Company

Wooster Brass Div., The Fyr-Fvter Co.

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