I. A. F. C. Exhibit Space Available

I. A. F. C. Exhibit Space Available

A total of 115 booths will be available in the Minto Armory for the display of exhibits at the annual convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to be held in Winnipeg, Canada, September 9-12.

Manufacturers who plan to exhibit at this gathering should communicate with Chief Charles Alt, St. Louis, Mo., Chairman of the Exhibit Committee.

All exhibits should be billed to James J. Mulcahey, Secretary, Winnipeg, Canada. Arrangements for free entry provide that they be billed as “Exhibitions” with the added understanding that if sold at point of exhibit, customs duty will be collected at the time of the sale; otherwise, the material will return duty free through the United States Customs after the convention.

To facilitate the entry of exhibits through the Canadian Customs, the Exhibit Committee has arranged for concentration of all exhibits at Chicago. All shipments should be billed via Chicago, c/o Burlington Route— Northern Pacific. From Chicago, after assembly into a special train, the merchandise will move direct via Burlington—Northern Pacific to Winnipeg. At the time of acceptance and execution of exhibit space contract, each party will be advised of the exact date of departure of the special train so that shipments may be billed into Chicago to meet the date set. By this method at least one full day will be saved. An official of the railroads will travel with the train to speed these shipments.

The illustration shows a diagrammatic arrangement of the booths. Two or three booth selections should be made when the contracts are forwarded to Chief Alt to be executed.

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