I. A. F. C. Officers and W. P. B. Representatives Meet

I. A. F. C. Officers and W. P. B. Representatives Meet

On August 28 a committee consisting of Messrs. George Cumming; N. A. Odom; B. S. Cogan and L. W. Lipscomb, representing the Bureau of Governmental Requirements of the War Production Board, and a group consisting of Chief Andrew T. Callahan, President; International Association of Fire Chiefs; Daniel B. Tierney, Secretary Treasurer. I. A. F. C.: Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis.; and Fred Shepperd, Manager; also Mr. I. H. Case, representing FIRE ENGINEERING, sat in conference to discuss difficulties which have been experienced recently by fire departments in securing priority numbers for sorely needed fire apparatus.

A survey made recently by the Headquarters Office showed that approximately 150 cities refused priority numbers for fire apparatus within recent months had within their borders war defense industries; also, replies received indicated that over ninety per cent of the applications for fire apparatus had been denied. It was to review the subject and to determine, if possible, whether a change in procedure could be brought about whereby cities having deficient fire protection and which had within their borders important defense industries, could secure required apparatus.

The two committees, through the conference, were able to get a better understanding of the problems of the Bureau of Governmental Requirements and the American Fire Service.

The Association officers pledged their whole-hearted cooperation to the Bureau of Governmental Requirements, and offered to do their part in solving the fire apparatus priority problem.

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