Full List of Standing Committees for the 1921 Convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers

THROUGH the courtesy of Chief James J. Mulcahey of the Yonkers, N. Y., fire department, secretary of the International Association of Fire Engineers, the complete list of standing committees for the 1921 convention of the association, to be held at the Hotel Ansley, Atlanta, Ga., on October 11-14, inclusive, as appointed by President John F. Healy, chief of the fire department of Denver, Col., is given herewith.

Committee on Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws

Chairman, James Armstrong, Kingston, Ont., Canada.

George L. Johnson, Waltham, Mass.

George Boughner, Grand Rapids, Mich.

R.A. Maxson, Gloversville, N. Y.

Joseph Hanlon, Topeka, Kansas.

Exhibit Committee

Chairman, John McNarrey, Kansas City, Kansas.

John H. Monroe, Savannah, Ga.

William F. Daley, Brockton, Mass.

William F. Panzer, St. Louis, Mo.

Jenkins Daniels, Columbus, Ohio.

John E. Loucks, Indianapolis, Ind.

William Bennett, Pittsburgh, Pa.

George W. Booth, National Board of Fire Underwriters, 76 William Street, New York City.

Committee on Credentials

Chairman, Chris. O’Brien, Shreveport, La.

W. N. Avery, Worcester, Mass.

R. J. Scott, Los Angeles, Cal.

S.A. Middleton, Birmingham, Ala.

P. D. McCartin, Colorado Springs, Col.

Alex. Henderson, Kansas City, Mo.

Roger Boyle, Jersey City, N. J.

Committee on Courtesies Extended

Chairman, Percy Hoyt, Cheyenne, Wyo.

Samuel Boyd, Knoxville, Tenn.

R. O. Mesnar, Canton, Ohio.

William Russell, Toronto, Canada.

Reuben D. Weeks, Providence, R. I.

Arthur W. Spring, Laconia, N. H.

Louis Behrens, Charleston, S. C.

Committee on Memorial Resolutions

Chairman, Chas. H. Henderson, Bradford, Pa.

James M. Casey, Cambridge. Mass.

Oscar Hcistand, Casper, Wyo.

J. W. Ray. El Paso, Texas D. J. Sullivan, Utica, N. Y.

Daniel H. Shire, Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Ill.

Walter Buel, Parsons, Kansas.

Committee on Nominations for State Vice-Presidents

Chairman, Edward P. Murphy, Buffalo, New York.

Wm. Toomey, Chattanooga, Tenn.

John Aitkin, London, Ont., Canada.

T. Joe Cahill, Cheyenne, Wyo.

G. A. Graves, Ogden, Utah.

A. J. Goetz, San Antonio. Texas.

A. S. Brownewell, Wichita, Kansas.

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