I. A. F. E. Convention Plans Completed

I. A. F. E. Convention Plans Completed

Directors Meet at New York and Finish Details in Connection With New Orleans Meeting to be Held in October

A SPECIAL meeting of the Directors of the International Association of Fire Engineers was held at the Advertising Club New York Friday, July 9th, to complete arrangements for the coming convention to be held at New Orleans on October 19th to 22nd.

Those in attendance were: President. James Armstrong, Chief of Fire Department. Kingston, Ontario; First Vice President, Thos. R. Murphy, Chief of Fire Department, San Francisco; Secretary, James J. Mulcahey, Chief of Fire Department, Yonkers. N. Y.: Chairman of Exhibit Committee, Wm. F. Daley, Chief of Fire Department, Brockton, Mass.; Treasurer, Peter B. Carter, Chief of Fire Department, Collingswood, N. J.; Chairman of Picture Committee, Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal of California, San Francisco, Calif.; Director, George L. Johnson, Chief of Fire Department, Waltham, Mass.; I. H. Case, Chairman of Publicity Committee; Chief Wm. F. Hedden, Fire Department, Buffalo; Traffic Manager, Geo. F. Cobb, Boston, Mass.; Fred Shepperd, Managing Editor, FIRE ENGINEERING New York.

Topics for Convention

Since the last meeting of the directors the following additional topics have been assigned: “Organization of Volunteer Fire Departments,” by Chief Coates of the Burlington, Ontario, Fire Department; “Water Mains and Fire Streams” by Fred Shepperd, Managing Editor, FIRE ENGINEERING, New York.

Chief John Kenlon, of the New York Fire Department, made a suggestion by correspondence that a paper be presented on “Elementary Training of Firemen,” by State Fire Marshal John G. Gamber, of Illinois.

By unanimous vote the suggestion was accepted and the Secretary instructed to communicate with Mr. Gamber inviting him to present such a paper.

In view of Gltief John Kenlon’s wide experience in Traffic Problems it was unanimously voted that he be invited to present a paper on this subject at the New Orleans meeting. (Subscquet to the meeting Chief Kenlon was interview and consented to read a report which he prepared for the Mayor of New York on this subject.)

To Develop Co-operation with State Vice Presidents

In order to secure the fullest co-operation from the State Vice Presidents in the work of the association and particularly in building up its membership, a committee consisting of Chiefs Johnson, Murphy, Mulcahey, Fire Marshal Stevens and Mr. I. H. Case was appointed to develop such co-operation. It is the intention of the committee to prepare specific instructions which will guide the State Vice Presidents in their work.

Sub-committees will be appointed in each state by the State Vice President to reinforce the State Vice President in performing the work assigned to him.

To Change Name of Association

In view of the confusion resulting from the present name of the association and particularly since there has been such a widespread movement to drop the title “Chief Engineer” and use that of “Chief” as the head of fire departments throughout the country, it was deemed necessary that some change should be made so that explanation would not be necessary when the association had dealings with anyone not familiar with its make-up.

Dinner Tendered by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation to Officers and Directors International Association of Fire Engineers at Hotel Roosevelt, N. Y. C., Friday, July 9, 1925. Left to Right around table: I. Herbert Case, FIRE ENGINEERING, N. Y., Chairman Publicity Committee, T. A. F. E.; Wm. C. Ingold, Chief, F. D. Edgewater, N. J.; Jos. H. Green, Vice Pres., Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., N. Y. C.; Hubert J. Tracey, Chief Bureau Repairs and Supplies, Fire Dept., N. Y. C.: John J. Gilday, Chief, F. D. Hoboken, N. J.; Daniel E. Johnson, Chief F. D. Bridgeport, Conn.; Geo. F. Cobb, Boston, Mass., Traffic Manager, I. A. F. E.; Wm. F. Daley, Chief F. D. Brockton, Mass., Chairman Exhibit Committee, I. A. F. E.; Geo. L. Johnson, Chief F. D. Waltham, Mass., Director I. A. F. E.; Jas. J. Mulcahey, Chief, F. D. Yonkers. N. Y., Secretary, I. A. F. E.; Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal of Cal., San Francisco, Chairman I. A. F. E. Picture Committee; Jas. Armstrong, Chief F. D. Kingston, Out., President I. A. F. E.; Major Edward Bowes, N. Y. Toastmaster;John Kenlon, Chief F. D. New York City; Thos. R. Murphy, Chief F. D., San Francisco, Cal., 1st Vice Pres., I. A. F. E.; E. J. Kenny, Honorary Deputy Chief, Fire Dept., N. Y. C.; Peter B. Carter, Chief F. D. Collingswood, N. J., Treasurer, I. A. F. E.; Wilbur F. Mallalieu, General Manager, National Board of Fire Underwriters, N. Y. C.; Wm. F. Hedden, Chief F. D. Buffalo, N. Y.; W. W. Cohen, Hon. Deputy Chief. F. D. N. Y. C.; W. Jerome Daly, N. Y. C.; Robt. H. Mainzer, Hon. Deputy Chief Fire Dept., N. Y. C.; Manfred L. Neumocgen, Hon. Deputy Chief, Fire Dept., N. Y. C.: Howard Dietz, Publicity Mgr., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Jack Wilson, Vaudeville Entertainer; Hickman Price, Will Hays Organization; Don Clarke, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; William Ferguson, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Frank Rohrenback, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; J. S. McLeod, Metro-GoldwynMayer; (In center) Karl M. Mann, FIRE ENGINEERING, N. Y. C., Fred Shepperd, FIRE ENGINEERING, N. Y. C.

At the request of members of the Board the subject was thoroughly discussed and Chief Carter moved that the name of the association be changed to The International Association of Fire Chiefs.

The vote for the change was unanimous. The directors having thus voted the change, the question will be placed before the association at its next convention in New Orleans.

Dues to be Reconsidered

As has been evident since the founding of the association, a large percentage of the small town chiefs cannot be expected to attend the conventions of the International Association of Fire Engineers regularly, but in order that the association might perform its work most effectively it is very necessary that the chiefs in smaller communities be active in the association even if they cannot arrange to attend conventions. In order to overcome the obstacle of their non-attendance, it was suggested byJay Stevens that the constitution be so altered as to permit a special low membership fee for non-attending members. The plan suggested would entail a charge of two dollars membership fee to non-attending chiefs, and to those who attend the convention an attendance charge would be added to the two dollars, sufficient to make the total fee the same as the present membership fee. In other words, those not attending would pay a charge of two dollars while those attending would pay the two dollar charge plus the difference between that and the present dues.

A committee consisting of Chiefs Johnson, Hedden, Mulcahey and Jay Stevens was appointed to consider the subject and report to the New Orleans convention.

At the I. A. F. E. Directors' Meeting in New York. Left to Right: Chief Geo. A. Johnson; Chief I. J. Mulcahey; Chief Peter Carter; Chief T. R. Murphy; George Cobb; Chief Jas. Armstrong; Chief Wm. Daley; Fire Marshal Jay Stevens; Chief G. H. Hedden; Fred. Shepperd; Howard Dietz; I. H. Case.

Herbert Hoover May Attend Convention

Jay Stevens reported that there is a liklihood of Herbert Hoover, U. S. Secretary of Commerce, attending the New Orleans Convention agd speaking on the subject of “Fire Waste and Fire Prevention.”

In the event that Mr. Hoover is present it is planned that a luncheon be held Wednesday noon of the coinvention week, at which Mr. Hoover will speak to the entire attendance.

Jay Stevens and Secretary Mulcahey were appointed as a committee and empowered to act in arranging the program to accommodate Mr. Hoover.

Progress of Motion Picture

Jay Stevens reported the progress of the work on the motion picture, “The Fire Brigade,” which is being filmed by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation under the auspices of the internatioaal Association of Fire Engineers. According to Mr. Stevens the film is about two thirds complete and will be ready for showing at the New Orleans Convention where it will be presented for the first time. From accounts the film is going to be a real feature picture and will be away above expectations.

Jay Stevens and Chief Evans of New Orleans were appointed as a committee to arrange for the showing of the picture, fitting it in with the other parts of the program.

Incidentally, the association gave a rising vote of thanks to Chief R. Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department, for the unstinting co-operation he has afforded the makers of the film throughout the work.

At one time Chief Scott loaned the producers forty fire companies with full complement of men for a period of four days. Two days were spent in instructing the men in their work in connection with the film, the third day to a dress rehearsal and the fourth day to operation during the filming of the picture.

Jay W. Stevens was also given a rising vote of thanks for the time and effort devoted toward making the picture a success.

Chairman of the Membership and Publicity Committees, Mr. I. H. Case, reported progress made and presented plans for future work in building up the membership of the association and developing publicity for the film.

Official Button Adopted

The official button for members of the association was adopted and the secretary instructed to purchase a necessary supply of these buttons for members. There will be but one type of button which may lie worn by both active and associate members.

Reports of Exhibit Committee

Chairman Daley of the Exhibit Committee reported progress in developing this feature of the New Orleans meeting. At the present time the following concerns have reserved space.

Amdyco Corporation, New York, N. Y.

Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., New York, N. Y.

Wheeler-Schebler Carburetor Co., Indianapolis, Ind.

Johns-Manville, Inc., New York, N. Y.

The Gamewell Co., Newton Upper Falls, Mass.

Mine Safety Appliances Co,, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Ind.

The Larkin Mfg. Co., Dayton, Ohio.

C. G. Braxmar Co., New York, N. Y.

Foamite Childs Corp., Utica, N. Y

American Fire Equipment Co., Boston, Mass.

R. D. Wood & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., New York, N. Y.

The Akron Brass Co., Wooster, Ohio.

Haskell Removable Oil Trough Co., Chelsea, Mass.

Northern Fire Apparatus Co.. Minneapolis, Minn.

The Seagrave Corporation, Columbus, Ohio.

Everson-Ross Co., Inc., New York, N. Y


Of the available floor space in the exhibit hall 13,499 feet have been sold with 5,015 square feet still remaining to be sold.

Manufacturers are urged to make their reservations at once for but one quarter of the space remains available with the convention still three months away. Full details on exhibit hall space may be secured from the Chairman, Chief VVm. F. Daley, Fire Headquarters, Brockton, Mass.

Traffic Manager’s Report

Traffic Manager George F. Cobb reported special arrangements had been made whereby the fare and a-half coupons will be sent to the members of the association prior to the convention so that they will be able to eliminate a lot of the trouble heretofore encountered in securing the special fare.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Peter B. Carter submitted a preliminary report show-ing a balance on hand in bank of 512,259.81 which, together with Liberty Bonds totalling $18,000, make the assets of the association $30,259.81.

Fire Waste Contest

Louis B. Mayer, President of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Company has donated three handsome silver cups, the largest to be presented to a large city having the best fire loss record for the year while the second size’ will be presented to the medium size city having the best record and the smaller size to the smaller city having the best fire loss record.

A committee was appointed to set forth the contest rules as follows; Chief Armstrong, Jay Stevens, I. H. Case, Ralph Richman and Fred Shepperd.

Banquet and Boat Ride

On Friday evening, at eight o’clock, a banquet was provided in the Hotel Roosevelt by the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation to the Directors and guests. Those in attendance are listed beneath the picture herewith of the banquet.

During the course of the banquet a number of prominent guests were called upon to talk. The host, Chief Kenlon, announced that he would stand with the Chiefs in the work of building up the association through funds secured from the motion picture “The Fire Brigade.”

Mr. Wilbur F. Mallalieu, General Manager of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York City, said that his organization was always ready and willing to co-operate to its fullest extent with the fire chiefs in their work.

Saturday morning a number of the chiefs, including Chief Ross B. Davis of the Philadelphia Fire Department, who reached the city Saturday morning, were given a ride around New York harbor and Manhattan Island on the Fire Boat John Purroy Mitchell, one of the newest fire boats of the New York Department.

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