I Killed by Vapor Blast

I Killed by Vapor Blast

One man died a few hours after entering a hospital at Waterbury, Conn., and three others were severely burned in an explosion and fire which gutted the interior of a Cities Service gasoline station in that city recently.

Following an investigation made by Fire Marshal Dennis J. Lahey, it was indicated that the blast was due to leaking anti-freeze from the tap on a fifty gallon steel drum. An attempt had been made to fit a rubber gasket. All who suffered are believed to have breathed some of the flame which followed the blast so closely that before they were able to get through the station door, their clothing took fire.

Blast Damages Gasoline Station and Kills One Man

Andrew Biondi. a visitor at the station at the time of the explosion, was blown through the door and when firemen answered an alarm from Box 14. East Main Street and Woolcott Road, his body was found several feet away from the station entrance.

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