I Wonder Will She Read This?

I Wonder Will She Read This?

WE KNOW a girl who works in the office of one of our advertising prospects, a concern that does not advertise, but should.

Every week she reads FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and makes diligent use of its news items that suggest possible sales, and for years her company has subscribed to and benefited from this widely read little magazine.

And now, figuratively speaking, she has tied a can to our advertising tail by announcing to her business associates (who rightly respect her judgment on most matters) that their advertising in these pages would not be read by buyers!

What a mistaken ideal If she reads the paper herself (and we venture to say she will he reading this very page the day the magazine is received) how much more likely it is that every page of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING will be read carefully by the municipal officials for whom it is edited!

Even the small ads are so close to editorial matter that they have a far better chance of being read than is the case in most magazines; and we know from long experience that our readers are far more apt to develop cordial business relations with our advertisers than with non-advertisers.

And so we must have our little joke and call this whole matter to attention through this Publishers’ Page.

Wonder if the idea will register?

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