IAFC Program Echoes Fire Engineering

IAFC Program Echoes Fire Engineering


From the Publishers Desk

It is interesting to note that one of the major topics to be covered by a panel at the Las Vegas International Association of Fire Chiefs conference is “Emergency Care in the Fire Service.” This panel will discuss the “reasons why emergency care belongs in the fire service, why the majority of emergency care is delivered by the fire service at present, and why fire chiefs should support emergency care as a proper division within the fire service.” Subtitles under this topic include: “Paramedics and Firemen—They Should Be Both” and “Paramedics—Volunteer and Paid” among others.

All of which makes us feel good, since Fire Engineering has been running a crusade, often alone, that goes back some 10 years for greater participation by the fire service in emergency medical treatment and services. Typical of our feelings is a quote from an editorial by Jim Casey that he wrote back in 1967: “We have believed for a long time that a community’s ambulance service should be assigned to the fire fighters. There is just no other municipal _____group, not even the police or the hospitals, set up to give the instant response by _____etrained personnel that a fire department coffers.” Our editor backed up this remark with a cartoon that closely approximated the color cover that appeared on our November 1974 issue.

We can recall several rebuttals that came in on that editorial in which the authors insisted that a fire department “was for fighting fires, and nothing else!” How times have changed, when it seems to be acknowledged now that the “majority of emergency care is delivered by the fire service.”

We are also pleased to see that “Master Planning – the Name of the Game” is another subject on the IAFC program that sort of ties in with Fire Engineering—in fact with this issue, which is geared to the “allocation of fire department resources.”

And now that we have called your attention to the IAFC conference program, we also call your attention to the date that you are reading this. If you have not already made your plans and reservations, time is running short.

So when you get to the Las Vegas Convention Center, don’t forget to visit us at our booth, No. 44. And don’t forget A Night With FEMSA, which will be Tuesday starting at 8:30 p.m.

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