IAFC Volunteer Section announces EFO Scholarship

IAFC Volunteer Section announces EFO Scholarship

Volunteer chiefs and chief officers are eligible to compete for a scholarship to the National Fire Academy (NFA) Executive Fire Officer Program. The fire chief of any U.S. fire department who manages volunteer firefighters may nominate himself or another chief officer.

Two scholarships of $500 per year for each of the four years of the EFO program will be awarded. They will be provided as soon as feasible after attendance at each annual portion of the EFO program. Volunteer Firemens Insurance Services, Inc. is funding the scholarship program, which is being presented by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Volunteer Section. The NFA reimburses students for transportation costs and provides living quarters on campus.

Scholarship applicants must do the following:

be accepted by the NFA; an application is available from the NFA at (301) 447-1000;

be a chief officer of a fire department with active volunteers in the delivery system;

be an active member of the IAFC;

agree to participate in publicizing the success of the program; and

return a completed application to Chief F. C. Windisch, Ponderosa VFD, P.O. Box 90674, Houston, TX 77290-0674.

For more information, call (713) 544-8085.

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